Morrissey Moving Company – Before You Move


1 to 10 days before the move:
    • Pack suitcases with the personal items you will need until the move is completed and you will have had time to unpack.


    • Make a list of the items you take with you in your car. If possible, place them all together in one room.


  • Make labels clearly marked DO NOT MOVE for the items that the movers will not be taking. For your own peace of mind, place them all together in one room.



The Day Of the Move:
    • Pack toiletries and other personal items.


    • Put the items you will be taking with you in the truck of your car and lock it.


    • Be around the movers: they may have questions that only you can answer.


    • Get copies of any papers you sign.


    • When loading is complete, walk around each room to make sure that nothing has been left behind.


    • Never pack cash or valuable documents.


    • Try not to pack jewelry or other small, valuable items.