Bin Services

Our New Bin Services

Ever the innovator in the moving business, Morrissey’s Moving Company is now offering bin rentals to its customers. Our bin service is simple; you rent bins from our company at a price that’s better than the competitors’ for a period of two weeks. With each rental, you will receive the following rental items:

  • Moving Dollies
  • Pick-Ups
  • Bin Zips with Serial Numbers (for tracking and organizational purposes)
  • Bin Labels
Our Unbeatable Prices
(15 Bins)
1 Bedroom
(25 Bins)
2 Bedroom
(35 Bins)
3 Bedroom
(50 Bins)
4 Bedroom
(75 Bins)
Plastic Moving Bins





Moving Dollies
1 Dolly1 Dolly1 Dolly1 Dolly1 Dolly
Rental Period
2 Weeks2 Weeks2 Weeks2 Weeks2 Weeks
Free Pickups
Bin Zips (w/ Serial #)
Bin Labels
Each Additional Week
Delivery fees apply *Delivery fees apply only for costumers that are just renting bins and not using our moving services
Why Use Our Bins?
  • Easier/Less Time – A larger-than-necessary part of moving is assembling, then disassembling, then getting rid up cardboard boxes after you’ve packed and unpacked them with your belongings. If you use Morrissey’s bins for your move, there’s no hassle with boxes; we drop them off, we move them to your new location, and when all is said and done, we pick them up for you. It is without a doubt the easiest option for local moving options.
  • Environmentally Friendly – In addition to using wind-powered hosting for our company’s website, we at Morrissey’s Moving Company extend our love of the environment to our products as well. Our bins, unlike cardboard boxes, can be reused over and over, which over time provides a lot less waste for the Earth. While cardboard can be recycled, it cannot be reused as much as our bins, and the recycling process requires a great deal of time and energy. Bins can be reused for years and years, helping you with your move, all the while providing zero harm to the environment.